CSEC Preparation Course

By taking the CSEC Preparation Course you will:

  • Improve your knowledge of vocabulary according to the curriculum descriptors.
  • Engage in one-on-one interaction and invest time with the teacher to achieve the main objective of developing the four learning profiles.
  • Have opportunities to practice specific structures and vocabulary based on your own progress and understanding of the language.

I always had a strong desire to master the Spanish language – however, it was not until I was under the instruction of Mrs. Hodge that my abilities were able to catch up to my passion. Mrs. Hodge strongly believed in cultural exposure and immersion for teaching languages.  It was because of her efforts to make our learning experience more realistic, and less “text book” that I was able to develop my speaking and writing skills in a way that allowed me to succeed in my exams and utilize the language comfortably outside of the classroom and why I am able to use it in my profession now many years later.

Dr. Olufunmike Banks-Devonish